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Hines Law Group, LLC focuses on amicable divorces, custody matters, and name and/or gender marker changes. 

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At Hines Law Group, LLC, we provide the following legal services.

Collaborative Divorce

Collaborative divorce is a process that allows couples to resolve their divorce or separation in a cooperative and respectful manner, without going to court. It involves both spouses and their respective collaborative lawyers working together in a team-based approach to find mutually agreeable solutions. The primary goal of collaborative divorce is to reach a fair settlement while minimizing conflict and promoting open communication. This process often involves other professionals, such as financial advisors or child specialists, to provide guidance and expertise. By focusing on cooperation and problem-solving, collaborative divorce aims to reduce the emotional and financial costs typically associated with traditional litigation.

Determining whether collaborative divorce is the best option for you depends on your unique circumstances and priorities. Collaborative divorce can be a beneficial choice for couples who value open communication, cooperation, and a non-adversarial approach to resolving their divorce or separation. It offers advantages such as reduced conflict, potential cost savings compared to litigation, and the opportunity to maintain more control over the outcome.

One Lawyer Divorce

In Minnesota, a "one lawyer divorce" is commonly referred to as "unbundled legal services" or "limited scope representation." It allows individuals to hire a lawyer to provide specific legal services for their divorce case without representing both parties.

The advantage of a one lawyer divorce in Minnesota is that it allows individuals to receive professional legal guidance while managing costs by only paying for the specific services they require. It's recommended that individuals seeking a one lawyer divorce consult with an attorney who can provide guidance on available options and help navigate the process effectively.

Unbundled Services

Unbundled services refer to a practice where individuals can hire a lawyer for specific tasks or limited representation rather than full legal representation for their entire case. It allows clients to obtain legal assistance for specific aspects of their family law matters while handling other aspects themselves.

For example, someone seeking a divorce, custody, parenting time, or child support may engage a lawyer for specific tasks such as drafting legal documents, providing legal advice, or representing them in court for certain hearings, while handling other aspects of the case themselves, such as gathering documentation or negotiating with the other party. This approach provides more flexibility and cost-effectiveness for individuals who may not require or cannot afford full legal representation throughout the entire process.

Name and Gender Marker Changes

Hines Law Group can assist you with a name change and/or a gender marker change anywhere in Minnesota.

A lawyer’s support can be particularly valuable if you encounter any legal complexities, challenges, or opposition during either a name change or a gender marker change process.

Whether you simply need assistance with properly filling out court forms, or you need full representation, Hines Law Group is happy to help. 

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About Hines Law Group, LLC

Hines Law Group offers compassionate legal advice to clients facing various family law matters. We offer a variety of options for remote consultations, including telephone and video conferencing, allowing us to serve Minnesotans statewide. We also offer in-person services per request. 

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Hines Law Group, LLC prioritizes the amicable resolution of family law matters. With a strong commitment to fostering cooperation and minimizing conflict, this firm seeks to help clients navigate the legal world in a respectful and cooperative manner. 

Nicole M. Hines


Experience compassionate and dedicated family law attorney, Nicole Hines, at Hines Law Group, LLC. Nicole specializes in collaborative divorce, name and gender marker changes, and unbundled legal services. With a profound understanding of emotional, legal, and practical aspects, Nicole empowers clients to navigate challenging family law transitions with personalized solutions. Nicole's unique perspective stems from a master's degree in mental health counseling, allowing her to provide empathetic support and guidance that prioritizes clients' emotional well-being throughout legal proceedings. In addition to her legal expertise, Nicole holds a realtor license, offering comprehensive knowledge of real estate matters. This invaluable insight enhances her ability to handle property-related issues in divorce cases, ensuring clients receive well-rounded advice and representation. Furthermore, Nicole's diverse professional background includes previous securities licenses (series 7 and 66), providing a strong understanding of financial matters. This expertise proves especially beneficial in cases involving complex asset division, enabling Nicole to navigate intricate financial considerations effectively. Equipped with mediation training, Nicole excels in facilitating productive and cooperative discussions among family law disputing parties. Her dedication to alternative dispute resolution methods fosters amicable resolutions while minimizing the stress and costs associated with litigation. As a divorced mom, Nicole intimately understands the challenges and dynamics that clients may face in family law matters. This personal experience drives her commitment to providing compassionate and client-centered representation, always prioritizing the best interests of children and families. Rely on Nicole's comprehensive and tailored legal services, combining her legal proficiency, background in mental health counseling, diverse professional qualifications, and personal understanding. Contact Nicole today for assistance with collaborative divorce, name and gender marker changes, and unbundled legal representation.

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